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Play Duke Nukem 3D at the Rodeo Steakhouse, where people line up to be killed. If you're looking for a game, drop by the Rodeo Steakhouse.

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Level? The current level is based on the same level used in the first ever Rodeo Shootout. It was modified to keep everyone guessing where to go! Plus, actions have been made to improve the framerate and speed of the level. The response has been fantastic, and we thank everyone for their support! Download the level here.


  • The Rodeo Steakhouse features 8 Pentium computers with large 17" monitors, Windows 95, and a fast 128K ISDN Internet connection. The Rodeo Steakhouse is located in Downtown Fort Worth @ 1309 Calhoun Street. (Just east of the Convention Center) - [MAP]
  • The Rodeo Steakhouse is available for Duke Nukem 3D tournaments and game tournaments. Groups, organizations, clubs, schools, etc. can have their own tournaments at the Rodeo Steakhouse.
  • The Rodeo Steakhouse can provide technical support, assistance in organizing the tournament, prizes, lunch and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Visit the Rodeo Steakhouse to enjoy a meal, surf the Internet, play Duke Nukem Dukematch or use our high speed connection for TEN.

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