Custom Configurations

If none of this makes sense to you, E-MAIL us and we will help you out.

Ok, the launcher for the shootout has been completed, and here are some of the new options to make setup of the networked game easier:

  • Able to change Video Resolution (VESA modes only).
  • Able to select any of the default controllers (instead of keyboard and mouse only, now you can select anything you want).
  • Can have any .CFG file on your floppy disk, instead of having it named DUKE3D.CFG (* Please read the note below *).
  • Easier to use interface, and the program is now much more robust (harder to crash).

Notes concerning personal .CFG files:

Most players use different keyboard/controller settings than then default ones given by Duke 3D. So, rather than having everyone setup the keyboard everytime they sit down at the computer to play, we have devised a system to import these settings from a floppy disk. All you need to do, is copy the .CFG file you use from your Duke 3D directory onto a floppy disk. What it is named does not matter, and you may have more than one .CFG file on your disk. The Shootout Launcher will read this file, and get the necessary controller settings needed for you to play in the manner you are used to.

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