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Cyber Rodeo Search Engine -

Follow these instructions for using the Cyber Rodeo Search Engine. Click On "Search Our Site" Enter the Key Word (s). When the sites come up, go to the site (There will be more than one site) and then go to EDIT and FIND. Type in the Key Word again. This should bring up the Topic that you are Searching for.

American Academy of Equine Art -

American Academy of Equine Art - Mission and History -
Establishing a standard of excellence in the field of equine art. Middleburg, Virginia.

Breeds of Livestock -

Breeds of Livestock -
Cattle * Goats * Horses * Sheep * Swine * Other. Look up - Region - Links - Reserach. Very informative site.

Horse Chat Room -

Cowboy Capital of the World -
Live Horse Chat is here.

Kentucky Horse Park -

Kentucky Horse Park -
Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the heart of the Bluegrass, the Kentucky Horse Park is a working horse farm with over 1,000 acres surrounded by 32 miles of white plank fencing. The Park is like none other in the world.

National Ag Safety Database -

Documents by Topic * Documents by State * Search the Database.

National Ag Safety Database -
Extensive compendium of agricutlural safety and health education and information resources.

Show Ring Internet Magazine -

This is a very informative site.

Show Ring--An Agriculture Livestock Show Magazine with a Live Agriculture Chat Room -
Supporting Youth Around the World. This is a Fun Site. Live Agriculture Chat Room.
4-H and FFA Homepages
Check out this 4-H and FFA Local Home Pages. Click on the State you would like to see.

Texas Beef -

Texas - Home of the Rodeo Steakhouse and Billy Miner's Saloon. Fort Worth, Texas. Hee Ha !!

Texas' Best Beef Recipes and Cooking Tips -
Beef. It's What's for Dinner. Recipes, Beef Information, Texas Ranching and more .... From the Texas Beef Council.

Education -

Oklahoma State University -
Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

United States Dressage Federation -

United States Dressage Federation -
Today's horses perform in many diverse activities ..but, no matter what type of task a horse is asked to perform, the qualities it has learned or has not learned in its basic training will affect whether it is enjoyable and rewarding to ride.
United States Dressage Federation -- Related Web Sites -
Many, many great sites and links.

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