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A*L*O*T Angus Association - herd health, veterinary links
Many links to cattle diseases, and more.
Beef Cattle: Beef Cattle and Carcass Grades
Grade your cattle.
Big Dave's Cow Page -
You've found Big Dave's Cow Page. Big Dave thinks cows are cool. He doesn't know why, he just likes them. It's mostly fun stuff, but there's a couple of links to actual cow info.
Cattle Pages ..
Take off your hat, kick up your heels and make yourself at Home
Cattleco - Cattle Sales & Promotion
Cattlemen on the Web
Beef Industry Information System
Copus Cattle Company -- Burkburnett, Texas -
Grand Champ 1997 Fort Worth Stock Show.
Cows Caught in the Web -
Everything about cows, and then some. MOOOOOOO - Here it is, the first Web cow page.
CowTown America -
Weekly Cattle Call. What's Moo in CowTown
COWZ - The Cattle Crossing on the Information Superhighway
Dickinson Cattle Company
This site contains price lists, product lists and lots of general information about our favorite topic "Texas Longhorns"
Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc.
Texas Longhorns
Dickerson Ranch Information
Dickerson Cattle Information Page
Directory of Alternative Livestock -
The total information book - Where to find breeders, suppliers , services, auction publications, and associations and registries.
Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Cow Page
Farm & Ranching Net
U.S. cattle ranches by location
Great American Cattle Drive '95. Fort Worth, Texas
ImmGen, Inc.
DNA typing & research Laboratory
International Texas Longhorn Association
Mill Iron Miniature Herefords - ..
Tony & Dottie Neal - Bovina, Texas.
Precipitation as a Determinant of Bovine Posture
Quail Ridge Ranch - Texas Longhorns
Redgate Cattle Company -
Home of Championship Cattle. Waynoika, Oklahoma.
Sampson McGregor Stock Farm
Testing Livestock Feeds For Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep and Horses
Texas International Longhorn Association -
America's oldest cattle breed
Texas Longhorn Cattle -- DICKINSON CATTLE COMPANY -- Texas Longhorn Cattle
This is a great site. Good links for Cattle Information
The Ag Center
Serving the Texas Panhandles Agriculture needs.
USDA Market News Livestock Reports
World Cattle Sorting Asscociation -
A sport that evolved from cattle ranching in California. One of the most common tasks performed on a ranch is the sorting of cattle for various purposes. This is done on horse back by skilled cowboys.


Howard Southdowns - Ram Lambs, Ewe Lambs, Weathers, Yearlings, Older Ewes
Can win in all States under different Judges.
McGolden Club Lambs -
Grand Champion Louisiana State Fair ...Sired by Train.
Spring Lambs -
Lamb pictures ....


Just for the Fun of It.

Beaver Creek Durocs -
Specializing in Duroc Show Pigs.


American Miniature Brecknock Hill Cheviot Sheep Breeders Association -
Breeder's List * Pictures * Regtistry * Comparison * Resources

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